How to Manage your Hospitality Team

How to Manage your Hospitality Team

As a Hospitality Manager, it is up to you to ensure the smooth running of the business. Of course, you can’t do it all on your own. It’s why you have a team at your disposal. Team members performing their tasks efficiently is what contributes to the growth of a hotel or restaurant. This is where you come in. You have to ensure that your team produce optimal results at the end of the day. But how do you manage it? How do you make it happen?


Planning makes things easy. Having what you intend to do for the day already written down helps you have a clear thought process. This in turn has a positive effect on how you go about your business of the day. Now that everything has been itemized and prioritized according to their level of importance, you can now focus on accomplishing them all.

Delegate Tasks

All team members don’t have to report individually to you. It will become impossible to manage them if such is so. Instead, set up heads of departments to oversee activities on your behalf. Nonetheless, it’s important you maintain an oversight of it all. For instance, you can try popping in for a minute or two when the room is being cleaned, or an order is being taken.

Be knowledgeable

Do not be the kind of manager that doesn’t have an in-depth idea of what his/her team entails. Try performing some of the tasks these departments typically handle. This way, you get to have hands-on knowledge on how things are done. Additionally, you get to strategize better and manage your team efficiently.

Have a Reward System

Implement a reward system to help your staff feel appreciated and motivated. This could be in form a financial reward or recognition, like “best waiter of the week”. They don’t have to be huge rewards. The recognition and gifts that come with it is enough to make your team more passionate, and content with their work. It pushes them to do more.


Communication is key to enabling productivity. When things are communicated clearly, you reduce any chance of conflicts and mistakes. Keep in touch with your team as often as possible. Invite feedback, and have a listening ear.


Managing a team could be a lot of work. You definitely need some skills to actually get it done optimally. Sometimes however, the issue isn’t that the Manager lacks the skills to manage his/her team. It could be that team members aren’t competent enough in their job. It is for this reason hotels, restaurants and other Hospitality businesses reach out to hospitality consulting companies like Jones Hospitality to help in staff training.

If you wish to manage your team efficiently and have a highly productive staff to work with, reach out to a Jones Hospitality representative today.

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