Best Hotel Management Software in Nigeria

Top 5 Hotel Management Software in Nigeria

Customer service, Productivity, and Profit maximization; these are the core areas of every service industry. Hotels being one of such tend to realize them when using the right Hotel Management Software. This kind of software help hospitality businesses enjoys seamless day-to-day activities which in turn improves customer experience and boosts revenue. Thus, investing in the best hotel management software is highly important if you wish to succeed in the hotel industry.

Here are the top 5 hotel management software in Nigeria you should definitely try out.


PureSoft is a web-based software that offers solutions for both small and big hotels ranging from guest houses, bed & breakfasts or vacation houses of few apartments to those of hotels with hundreds of rooms.


– Configurable number and characteristics of rooms, periods, rates, etc.

– Automatic assignment of rooms with user-defined rules

– Customized documents for receipts, invoices, emails, forms, etc.

– Multi-user with privileges system.

– Point of sale (POS) for bars and restaurants with inventory management.

– Comparative statistics on occupancy and revenues.

– Group bookings

– System Backup


Horeca Cloud is an all-in-one Cloud-based solution designed for Hotels, Restaurant and Cafes in Nigeria. It was created by a Nigerian for the Nigerian market. It is easy to use and stands out from every other hotel management software in Nigeria. It’s the only software with a 2-in-1 inventory combo, namely main bar, and F&B


– Front office

– Back office

– Stock/Inventory

– Accounts

– Maintenance

– Purchasing

– Sales and Marketing

– Housekeeping

– Canteen/Outdoor Catering

– Analytics

– Real-time reports

– CCTV synchronization

– Revenue Management

– Human Resources

– Canteen/Outdoor Catering

– Task manager


Hiphen Solutions designed a hotel management system that can work with even the most stringent operational requirement. It is also capable of housing any type of property you manage.


– F&B

– Housekeeping Manager

– Room status summary

– Daily summary report

– Productivity report

– Revenue Summary With Average Daily Rate

– Time/Attendance Management

– Employee management

– Accounts

– Quotations/Invoices


GraceSoft is also a Cloud-based software suitable for B&Bs, Inns, Hotels, Condo and Serviced Apartments. It can accommodate the properties of various sizes.


– Website Builder

– Direct booking

– Analytical report

– Point of sale

– Tax Report

– Inventory Report

– Channel Manager

– Front Desk

– Account report

– Reservation calendar


Eazee Absolute is a cloud-based hotel software capable of handling a wide range of tasks in your hotel. Whether front desk, back office, distribution, inventory or housekeeping, Eazee manages all.


– One fully-integrated hotel system. One login.

– Direct bookings

– Centralized control on all operations

– Real-time inventory and rate update

– Third-party integrations

– Streamlined meal plans and packages

– Guest self-service portal

– Email marketing

– Revenue management system

– Systematic profile management


While there are quite a number of hotel management software out there, investing in the right ones might be difficult. This is because most of them don’t come as an All-in-one manager. Some serve strictly as revenue management systems, some as hotel Distribution Channel Manager or Review Management Software. However, HORECA Cloud has proven that it is actually possible to achieve an all in one software. What’s more, is that it doesn’t require installation. It is a cloud-based hosted service, which means you can access it anywhere and anytime. Its effective tracking methods also reduce the chances of theft. If you wish to enjoy efficient and productive Management of your boutique hotel, restaurant, Guest Houses or Air B&B apartments, HORECA Cloud is the perfect go-to.

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