It’s no news, neither is it a surprise that the Nigerian hospitality industry is plagued with a high theft rate. Employees are more likely to handle cash and inventory, which makes the industry automatically susceptible to expropriation. However, this does not imply that a hotel owner or manager has to take total control of all transactions that happen within the hotel. What is simply required is placing effective control measures to prevent theft from happening.

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Screen Candidates Before Hiring

Employee evaluation is highly important in the hiring process of any business sector. Implementing the right and effective screening process will prevent the mistake of hiring the wrong people. From asking the right questions during interviews/investigations to running background checks you get to avoid having to handle issues of employee theft in the future. While this may look like a lot of work, they really don’t have to be. There are hospitality recruitment and consulting companies that can help you take care of the whole recruitment process.For instance, Jones Hospitality doesn’t just get you, employees, with the best certificates, they also screen these candidates. Due to the fact it is run by a team of experts who have been in the game for over a decade, their knowledge and expertise play a huge role in efficiently knowing the right candidate for the job. Feel free to contact the Jones team today.

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Get the Horeca Cloud Software

Horeca Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-based hotel management software designed for Nigerian hotels. With this software, hotel business owners in Nigeria get to achieve everything easily and efficiently. Hotel Owners get automatic notifications when stock is being taken, refilled, about to expire, and lots more. You also get to track transactions in real-time. Which means you see how everything happens without having to call the accountant for updates. Hotels who use Horeca Cloud rarely have issues of thievery. Everything is handled on one dashboard, and accessible anywhere anytime, which means that you can curb theft in your hotel easily, all with one software, doing all the hassles for you. Need one? Reach out to a Horeca Cloud representative.

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Install Security Cameras Appropriately

Placing security cameras in businesses have always played a huge role in preventing all forms of crime. Having one in your hotel is also highly recommended. Note however, that is one thing to have these cameras, it’s another thing for them to be properly installed. Hence, ensure they are placed in the right place and the right way for effective work and efficient results. Additionally, using the Horeca Cloud software makes it even better. You get to actually enjoy CCTV synchronization where you get to monitor all activities anywhere, anytime.