There are guidelines involved in running a restaurant. Certain tasks have to be carried out in certain ways for you to have a restaurant that runs optimally. Good restaurant service gives birth to great revenue, a good brand reputation and a host of other good things. But how do you go about it?

Pay attention to your guests

Always keep an eye out for the section you are serving. You get to know when your customers are done eaten and when you need to pack the dishes. Put simply, paying attention helps you to know when the needs of your customers without them having to reach out to you.

Write things down

As humans we are bound to forget things. And forgetting shouldn’t be found in good hospitality service. Thus, ensure you pen down orders so as not to miss a thing. Customers come with their meal preferences, do pay attention and write them down so as not to go against what they requested.

Know the menu

It’s important you memorize the menu and all the specials. Imagine finding it hard to provide details of the menu on the spot when asked by a guest? Definitely embarrassing. To avoid such occurrence, do know and keep up with the menu.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Stay aware of new trends in the market and see how you can incorporate it into your own restaurant service. Chances are that your customers are probably aware of these trends and would like to have a taste of it. Hence, stay up to date.

Stay friendly

A friendly attitude especially when accompanied with a smile makes your customers very comfortable and portrays the restaurant in a positive light. It also influences your customers to have a revisit. Who doesn’t like a place they feel appreciated?

More importantly…

Train your staff

Having well trained staff will give your restaurant all the efficiency it needs to facilitate good restaurant service. Of course, there are hospitality management companies who provide such services in Nigeria. A highly recommended one here is Jones Hospitality. You can check out how we’ve transformed some hotels and restaurants in Nigeria.