Hotel Pre-opening in Nigeria and the Importance of a Hotel Consultant

Hotel Pre-opening and the Importance of Hiring a Hotel Consultant in Nigeria

Setting up a hotel comes with its own challenges and expectations. The industry is a highly demanding one. You are bound to bump into several roadblocks during the hotel pre-opening stage. You might have taken all the necessary things into account like the budget, feasibility study, market research, but as it is, unexpected events always seem to spring up during the pre-opening stage of your hotel that you are left confused and unable to decide rightly on the next line action. It is for this reason hotels ensure they’ve got a hotel consultant in place to guide them through it all.

Importance of Hiring a Hotel Consultant

Hiring a hotel consultant is a wise move when trying to enter the market with a new hotel. Their expertise and experience come in very handy, as they ensure hotels are set on the right foot and well-managed. Here are the various benefits of having one:

Providing solutions

As stated earlier, various unforeseen scenarios are bound to come forth during the hotel pre-opening stage. With a hotel consultant in a place, you can contain these uncertainties without having to incur losses.

Profit Maximization

A hotel consultant’s main aim at the end of the day is to maximize profit for the organization. By infusing their expertise in all the work they do, and optimally managing the hotel, profit is bound to be made.

Recruitment and Training of Staff

Getting the right staff for your hotel is key to the efficient running of your hotel business. A consultant is a good way to go when scouting for the right talents. They’ve done this before, hence they know who and what to look for. They also go as far as training these candidates into becoming the ideal staff for the organization.

Providing new opportunities

A consultant is someone who has worked with various companies and individuals. Having one will serve as a channel to gain such contacts which turn out highly beneficial when running your hotel.

Customer Loyalty

By using the best tactics, hotel consultants bring guests and maintain them. They also play a huge in ensuring good customer service and satisfaction in the hotel. The expansion of the company’s customer base is guaranteed when there is a hotel consultant at work.

Other notable importance of hiring a hotel consultant include:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Defining the company goals and objectives
  • Improving the image and reputation of the hotel
  • Good management of operations
  • Proper market analysis and feasibility study.

Hire the right Consultant for your Hotel Business

While having a hotel consultant is all good, having the one that actually does the job is better. Contact the Jones Hospitality team today to enjoy a seamless pre-opening process and optimally managed hotel.

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