5 Best Turnaround Strategies for Dying Hotels in Nigeria

Top 5 Turnaround Strategies for Failing Hotels

Quite a number of factors contribute to the distress faced by hotels today. Unsurprisingly, they appear to be the same reasons time and time again. Most times it is a result of inadequate knowledge of the hospitality industry, poor hotel management, unqualified staff, etc. Nevertheless, there is room for some great turnaround, especially when signs of distress are detected early.

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What are the Best Ways to Revive a Falling Hotel?


We are in an age where people search for what they want first on the internet. It is logical that hotel owners take advantage of that. Make your hotel business more prominent on the internet. Increase your reach not just by using social media, but by having a website, and an effectively optimized one at that. The more your hotel is easily found and accessible, the more your hotel guests, and of course, the greater your hotel revenue at the end of the day.

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Conduct an in-depth analysis of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats concerning your hotel. This move helps you make better decisions when carrying out your turnaround strategy. You get to avoid the mistake of taking actions that could be at the detriment of existing strengths of the hotel. Put simply, SWOT analysis guides you into knowing what to change about your hotel an what to maintain. It takes you back to the drawing board, opening your mind to what you had missed. It is one of the best ways to contain distresses and prevent your hotel from falling.


Incorporating good an effective tech into the management of the hotel prevents a lot of problems. Automated processes for one, streamlines activities, which in turn contribute to staff efficiency and better customer experience. More so, such common problems as theft in the hotel industry are easily curbed when a cloud management software like HORECA Cloud is in place.

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The quality of people working in your hotel contributes greatly to how your hotel turns out at the end of the day. Hence, employing the right talents and ensuring that employees are well trained in line with the vision of the hotel will go a long way in bringing your hotel to a better place. You can Hire a hospitality consulting firm to take care of all your staff recruitment process and training. It is a move every success-oriented hotel should take.


Making use of a hotel management company that is well rounded in the industry will save you a lot of money and mistakes. They are there to keep your hotel going, and are vast enough in knowledge and expertise to know what move will serve you right.

Jones Hospitality, for example, has done quite a lot of great work in reviving hospitality businesses in their time of distress and even nurtured some from their pre-opening stage.

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