Benefits of Feasibility Study in Setting up a Hotel in Nigeria

Importance of a Feasibility Study When Setting up a Hotel

Carrying a feasibility study for a business venture, or project is highly paramount in achieving success. Sadly, however, you find that many do not realize it. You find more often than not, that intended hotel owners tend to ignore or fix this process into their hotel set-up phase. Many times hotels fail to scale through as they should is very much as a result of the fact that the feasibility study was conducted. Maybe if we knew what feasibility study is an how important is to the success of hotels we would take it more seriously. What is Feasibility Study? Put simply, a feasibility study is “an assessment…

How to start a successful hotel business in Nigeria

How to Start a Successful Hotel Business in Nigeria

Do you wish to start a hotel business in Nigeria, but don’t know how? Worry no more, as you will get all the answers you seek today! We will explain every step required in setting up a hotel in Nigeria right here in this article. We’ve got years of experience helping hotels with pre-opening, Management, Restructuring and more. So, be rest assured every information you find here isn’t just theories but born out of expertise and experience. For you to successfully set up a hotel business in Nigeria, here are the steps you must take: Carry out a Feasibility Study You need to conduct a feasibility study for…